Zombies War: Castle Defend

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Zombies War: Castle Defend

Tanaman senjata untuk mempersiapkan pertempuran dan bermain terhadap resiko zombie

Zombie Wars – Castle Defend is a classic classics game, containing surprises and dramas.

In the turtle village, the King Tower is built from the effort of a turtle army, as a solid wall, protecting turtles from attack. In the midst of a seemingly endless war, the Rabbits Evil defeated the “Magic Scroll” of the mysterious book from the Elf world, with the poison, turning rabbit warriors into zombies.

Zombies War: Castle Defend
Zombies War: Castle Defend



In the extremely difficult situation, strength is tied to the army of rabbit zombies. Sheldon Chief relied on the human world. And you are the chosen person to lead the turtle army against troops instead of rabbits. Show strength, alertness and assertiveness in every action to help the turtle army win.


 Character system in rabbit army rich and diverse. Each type of unit has the ability to separate, select the appropriate army for each battle.

 The army of evil rabbits with terrible strength. Like the tortoise’s army, the evil army of rabbits also has species with mysterious powers. Be alert.

 Mission system for various mission campaigns, rich people.

 Survival screen system to help players accumulate experience, as well as gain valuable rewards.

 Reward sign, rich title system.- Graphics, sound eye-catching.

 The game is very simple, but in

order to win players need to choose tactics, army match

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