Vegas City Ganster

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Vegas City Ganster

Vegas city gangster is one of the best action games in 2017.

In the vegas, you are a hero to fight with the gangster.

Racing in the street to caught thief who steal the car or motorbike.

Vegas City Ganster
Vegas City Ganster


Follow the map, complete the missions, there are many gangsters to evade cops, robbed businessman and violate the law.

It is freedom in vegas city, fighting with passers-by.

Racing with gangster of a fast speed in the street.

Try your best to complete more and more tasks so that get coins.

Vegas is a beautiful city, sign in everyday to get diamonds or coins.

Different pistol, CZ83,M9,M2000,Charter Arms or Skorpion

. Submachine gun of ACR, FAMAS, M4A1, M1A and so on.

Upgrade the level of the gun with coins.

Choose the hero of gangster you like, dress up the hero with head, body and leg.

There are many cars to choose in the store, Mini, Coupe, Muscle, Pick UP and Super car.

You are a warm heart gangster, the hero of the vegas city.

Rescue the people of harmful, caught the crime people in the city, sometimes must be to kill as much as possible with guns.

Vegas City Gangster Features:

. Widescreen resolution support

. Beautiful new graphics

. Large map with different missions

. Exciting car to racing in the city

. Vegas city gangster

. Dress up the hero you like

. Rescue the harmful people

. Choose the different pistol

. Complete the task to get coins

. Easy to control, play it in anywhere

. Real crime city simulator


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