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Experience the ultimate realism of slime on your mobile device with our new Game. Dive into a mesmerizing ASMR journey and let your mind unwind. Engage with our one-of-a-kind ASMR experience as you stretch, squish, knead, and pop the slime, mimicking the sensations of real slime or putty. Indulge in the oddly satisfying feeling, right at your fingertips. Prepare to be captivated and find yourself unable to put it down. Discover the immense pleasure and addictive nature of our app, while also reaping its soothing and beneficial effects.


>> Demo Apk


– Choose your slime with a variety of different colors and textures

– Massage the slime and see how it twists, turns and stretches as you touch the screen

– Authentic squishy slime sounds

– Easy-to-Use editor – create your unique levels without programming knowledge.

– Ads Monetization Admob, Applovine Rewarded ads and over 60 ads demand sources…

– Game tutorials – visual and tabs

– Recommended Unity 2020 or higher.


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