Seven Idle Dwarfs

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Seven Idle Dwarfs – Sell Unity Code

Dig up all mines over the world and become the richest idle ever!

You might not be a tycoon in the real world but here – in the world of Seven Idle Dwarfs Idle game, you can become one! Hard working dwarfs are mining day and night to help you accumulate wealth.

You don’t have to be present all the time, Fairy Godmothers, Princess White and managers will supervise these little miners for you. Even if you are offline, the money keeps flow into your pocket.


Seven Idle Dwarf
Seven Idle Dwarf


– Stunning fairy tale-like graphics

– Amazing effects and sounds

– Variety of mines for you explore. Three continents with 15 different kind of minerals: coal, gold, ruby, emerald, etc.

– 2400 levels of elevator and warehouse to upgrade.

– 800 mine shafts over the world to exploit.

– No need connect to the internet – offline game

– It’s totally FREE! Play with friends!


– You need to use different strategies to get money from different continents.

– Explore new mine continents to pile your idle money.

– Use the boosters every time you get to boost your profit.

– Upgrade your shafts, elevator and warehouse in every mine to increase idle cash.

– Don’t forget to upgrade your skill tree to generate more income.

– Collect as many dwarf cards as you can to own the collection of dwarfs.

Start your own mine adventure and explore the world of the seven dwarfs now! Tap! Tap! Tap! And become the richest idle tycoon ever!

Please give us 5 star if you like this idle world! Thank you so much and enjoy the idle game!

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