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Multiply Money: Rich Unity Game – Your Gateway to Mobile Gaming Success



Download Multiply Money: Rich Game now to participate in dramatic but also extremely attractive battles.


By playing rock-paper-scissors, it will be decided who goes first between you and your opponent.

Control, calculation, and determination are what you need to have when participating in the game, so that when at the end your money is more than your opponent’s, you will be the winner.

Download now to become the champion in the money match, come on!!!!

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Multiply Money: Rich Unity Game - Your Gateway to Mobile Gaming Success
Multiply Money: Rich Unity Game – Your Gateway to Mobile Gaming Success




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  • Simple gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Diverse number of cards, feel free to explore.
  • Train your computing ability.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll win big.
  • Various opponents.
  • Hilarious action when having more money than opponent’s.
  • Admob integration

Are you dreaming of launching a successful mobile game and making your mark in the thriving app market? Look no further than Multiply Money: Rich Game! This captivating Unity-developed game offers everything you need to captivate players and generate substantial revenue.

Imagine a game that combines the thrill of strategic decision-making with the excitement of fast-paced competition. Multiply Money: Rich Game delivers just that. Players immerse themselves in a stunning 3D world where they compete against opponents to become the ultimate money champion. With intuitive controls and straightforward mechanics, the game welcomes players of all ages and skill levels, igniting their competitive spirit and captivating their attention.

The game’s brilliance lies in its addictive gameplay loop. Quick rounds keep players engaged, while strategic card choices and calculated moves challenge their mental agility. The diverse number of cards with unique abilities adds a layer of depth and replayability, allowing players to experiment and discover winning strategies.

Multiply Money: Rich Game isn’t just about luck; it’s about outsmarting your opponents. It’s about training your computing ability, making split-second decisions, and managing your resources efficiently. The game provides a platform for players to hone their financial skills and test their strategic mettle, all while having a blast.

Visually, Multiply Money: Rich Game is a feast for the eyes. The vibrant 3D environment and detailed character models draw players into the world, immersing them in the excitement of the competition. The user-friendly controls ensure smooth gameplay, allowing players to focus on strategic decisions instead of wrestling with cumbersome controls.

Beyond the core gameplay, Multiply Money: Rich Game offers endless entertainment. Diverse opponents with unique playing styles keep the game fresh and challenging, while hilarious animations add a touch of humor to the experience. Regular updates ensure a continuous stream of new content and features, keeping players engaged and coming back for more.

But what truly makes Multiply Money: Rich Game a valuable asset? It’s the potential for success. The game is ready to launch and monetize, offering you the opportunity to tap into the lucrative mobile gaming market. Its addictive gameplay, proven track record, and scalable design guarantee long-term engagement and significant revenue generation.

Investing in Multiply Money: Rich Game is more than just acquiring a game; it’s acquiring a complete mobile gaming solution. You’ll gain access to a ready-to-launch product with a proven track record, allowing you to focus on marketing and promotion instead of development. With its strong monetization potential and adaptable design, Multiply Money: Rich Game is your key to unlocking success in the ever-evolving mobile gaming landscape.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Take control of your future in the mobile gaming industry by acquiring Multiply Money: Rich Game today!

Multiply Money: Rich Game is a thrilling and addictive casual game developed using Unity that puts your financial skills to the test. Immerse yourself in a vibrant 3D world where you compete against others to become the ultimate money champion. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, beautiful visuals, and diverse features, Multiply Money: Rich Game offers endless hours of fun and excitement.


  • Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master: The game boasts intuitive controls and straightforward mechanics, making it accessible to players of all ages and experience levels. You don’t need prior financial knowledge to enjoy the game, but mastering its strategies will certainly put your skills to the test.
  • Fast-Paced Action: The game features quick rounds that keep you hooked and engaged. Each round involves making quick decisions and strategically utilizing your resources to outsmart your opponents and multiply your wealth.
  • Diverse Number of Cards: Unlock and collect a wide variety of cards, each with unique abilities that can drastically alter the outcome of the game. Experiment with different combinations and discover the most effective strategies to dominate the competition.
  • Train Your Computing Ability: Multiply Money: Rich Game isn’t just about luck; it also challenges your mental agility and computational skills. You’ll need to think fast and calculate your moves carefully to achieve the highest score and emerge victorious.
  • Chance to Win Big: The game offers exciting opportunities to win big rewards. With a little bit of luck and strategic thinking, you can amass a fortune and become the envy of your opponents.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful 3D Graphics: Immerse yourself in a stunning 3D world rendered in high-quality graphics. The vibrant environments and detailed character models bring the game to life and enhance the overall experience.
  • Simple and Intuitive Controls: The game features user-friendly controls that are easy to pick up and master, making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. You can focus on the gameplay and strategize without worrying about complicated controls.
  • Diverse Opponents: Challenge yourself against a variety of AI opponents, each with their own unique playing styles and difficulty levels. This ensures that the game remains fresh and challenging even after playing for extended periods.
  • Hilarious Animations: The game is filled with entertaining animations that add a touch of humor to the gameplay. Witness hilarious reactions from your opponents as you build your wealth and leave them in the dust.
  • Regular Updates: The developers are committed to providing a continuous stream of fresh content and improvements to the game. Expect new features, challenges, and events to keep you coming back for more.

Why Sell Multiply Money: Rich Game?

Multiply Money: Rich Game has all the ingredients to become a successful and popular mobile game. Its addictive gameplay, appealing visuals, and diverse features offer a compelling experience for players of all ages. Additionally, the game’s monetization potential is significant, with opportunities for in-app purchases, advertising, and even future expansion into other formats like esports tournaments.

Here are some specific reasons why you should consider selling Multiply Money: Rich Game:

  • Ready-to-Launch: The game is fully developed and ready for immediate launch on mobile app stores. This means you can start generating revenue quickly and capitalize on the market demand for casual games.
  • Proven Track Record: The game has already received positive feedback from beta testers and early adopters, demonstrating its potential for success.
  • Scalable and Adaptable: The game’s core mechanics are adaptable and can be easily expanded with new features, content, and challenges, ensuring its longevity and appeal to a wider audience.
  • Strong Monetization Potential: The game offers various monetization opportunities, making it a lucrative investment for developers and publishers.


Multiply Money: Rich Game is a polished and engaging mobile game with immense potential for success. Its simple yet addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and diverse features offer a compelling experience that is sure to resonate with a broad audience. By selling Multiply Money: Rich Game, you can acquire a ready-to-launch product with a proven track record and unlock its full potential in the mobile gaming market.


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