Majlis Mania Heart – Unity Card Game

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Explore the captivating world of “Majlismania” – a unique game available for purchase on Gameosophy. Immerse yourself in the Arabian atmosphere as you engage in the classic card game “Hearts” with friends from across the globe.

Experience the rich cultural nuances as you interact with the majlis, the surroundings, and the in-game store. Play cards with both random players and friends within the majlis, aiming to secure victories and earn valuable coins. Use these coins to personalize and adorn your majlis or acquire items from the store.

Delve into the intricate art of majlis decoration whenever you crave a respite from card games. Progress through furnishing the majlis and its adjacent areas, utilizing your coins to select and complete tasks from the “to-do-list.” As each zone gets completed, new sections around the majlis will unlock, along with fresh items awaiting completion on your list.

Highlighted Features of Majlismania:
Design Your Majlis: Craft your majlis according to your preferences. Ensure its aesthetics are appealing, as fellow members will inspect it before hosting games in the majlis.
Card Game Variety: Begin with “Hearts” and anticipate the inclusion of more card games like Trix, Koat, Hand, Balot, and others.
Online Competitions: Team up with a favorite partner from your majlis or a fellow member, and challenge players worldwide.
Diverse Store: Browse the store to find a plethora of assets such as exclusive designs for cards, tables, and avatars.
Regular Updates: Stay engaged with regular additions of new card games and expanded design areas.

Embark on a journey of entertainment and cultural exploration with Majlismania. Whether you’re vying for card game supremacy or curating the ideal majlis environment, the game promises endless fun and excitement.

Requirements :
Unity free license version 2021 or later
macOS and Xcode for build iOS

Current version –
Unity 2021.1.16f


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