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iOS 9.1.x, iOS 9.2.x, iOS 9.3, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, Android 4.4, Android 5.0, Android 6.0, Android 7.0, Android 8.0, Android 9.0, Android 10.0, Android 11.0, Android 12.0, Unity 2020

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Age of Empire is an epic simulation game. My liege, you must lead our land to strength. Lead your kingdom to victory!

Build your kingdom, enhance your heroes.Train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online!

With the advent of civilization, the mainland has sprouted with independent kingdoms. Everyone’s scrambling in the arms race.

************ GAME FEATURES ************
* Play online with thousands of other players

* Conquer enemies across the vast world map

* Join together with other players to form the ultimate Guild

* Train an army of Cavalry,Lancers,Swordsmen,Archers and Catapults

* Participate in solo and multiplayer battle for abundant hero EXP, Gems/Crystals and gear and much, much more!

* Chat with worldwide players


– Source code was made with Unity3D version 3.5.2

– The client is written by Unity3d using C#.

– The server is written by C++ with mysql as database.

– Cross platform :iOS

– Included In app purchase item

+100 diamonds $9.99

+200 diamonds$19.99

+50 diamonds$4.99

+500 diamonds$49.99

+1000 diamonds$99.99

+300 diamonds$29.99

Daily Rewards

*Centos6 server is required either on vps or dedicated server

How to Setup and Reskin


include document to help you install the server. ( experience requirements on Linux server) 


Centos6 server is required either on vps or dedicated server

+ Unity3d iOS PRO license.

You can reskin and replace ads key easily with the documentation provided :

– Code configure setting on Unity3d and Xcode

There is Art Resourcespic folder in the app which contains all images.

and full range of PSD file

updateed unity 2021

The server uses CentOS 6 os

The server uses PHP & MySQL to manage user data, in-game item prices, etc…



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