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Idle Firefighter- sell unity code

Firefighter is an easy-to-play idle game where you can be a hero. In this game, you will act as a

captain of a firefighter group, your duty is to lead your team to save people’s lives in rescue missions. Your mission is to manage your team of firefighters to save people, pets and their belongings from the burning house.
The game will make you feel fun and excited with its difficult rescue missions.
Let’s make a lot of money from the missions and upgrade the firefighter team to become skillful. Once you have played this game, you will definitely be attracted by the unique features and lively graphics.
Interesting missions are waiting for you.Download the game now and have fun!

What will you have to do?
– Manage your firefighter team to rescue people and their pets from dangerous fires
– Rescue burned items and remove them from the burned area
– Put out fire using specialized tools of firefighters such as water cannon,water trucks
– Enjoy the fun of being a hero and save the citizens from dangerous areas

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Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon is an idle resource management game where you have to manage a fleet of firefighters and put out all the burning houses around you. In this adventure, your mission will be to use your resources as best you can to be able to offer your help quickly, efficiently and safely. Put your business-management logic to the test and help the city when it needs you.

The gameplay in Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon is the same as other idle games. You start the game with a small fire station with little water capacity and only one truck, so you have to start putting out fires slowly and on a small scale. Every time you put a fire out, you earn money that you can later use to upgrade your facilities.

To be able to offer better help to the city, you must make sure that you have enough stored water to put out several fires, various trucks that can reach different parts of the city simultaneously, and enough speed to get there on time without the fires piling up.

When it’s time to put out the fires, you must keep their size in mind. Each house will have a number that will tell you how far the fire has spread, and each of your trucks will have a certain number of liters. If you want to put out a level-three fire, you must use a three-liter truck, or you will have to return to the base. Enjoy managing this fire station and help the city with speed and logic.

kolibri games started being active in the mobile gaming industry back in 2016, focusing on hyper – casual idle clicker mobile titles within the simulation genre . idle miner tycoon and idle factory



Features of Firefighter
– Casual and easy gameplay
– Amazing animations and 3D graphics
– Upgrade the fire truck, hire more fire fighter
– The character action and emotion is fun and lively

Integration Admob.


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