CM Game’s End of Summer Ultra Unity Bundle: 15 Games

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Don’t miss out on this exclusive, one-time-only offer from one of the most popular developers on SellMyApp platform! GET a mind-blowing discount of 80% for an entire bundle of high-quality Unity templates!

  1. Farm Life ($99)
  2. Fresh Farm ($149)
  3. Attack Hole: Evolution Master($199)
  4. Angry Plants Defense($99)
  5. StickMan Z: Super Dragon Battle ($149)
  6. Card Matching: Memory Puzzle ($49)
  7. Water Sort: Puzzle Color($59)
  8. Cube 2048: 3D Merge Game ($49)
  9. Security Line($79)
  10. Maze Mission: Puzzle Game($79)
  11. Draw Troop($79)
  12. Happy Farm Day : Farm Empire($199)
  13. Money Stack Run 3D($79)
  14. Farm Fency: Rescue Game($79)
  15. Street Fighter: Hero ($149)

⭐ Before buying, please read carefully the product description of every item in this Bundle Offer and take a close look at their features and characteristics as they may be different for every game template in this package.


  • All games are made with Unity – the leading engine for game development
  • Android ready
  • Best monetization with top Ad Providers (AdMob )
  • Clean Code, Clean Projects
  • Fast and Professional Support
  • Easy to reskin, we provide detailed instructions on how to reskin each of our games


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