City Road Construction – Highway Builders Pro 2018

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Put your road construction skills and build roads on various city locations. Become engineer of the construction site and crash all the road to develop a new road by following some road construction rules. Drive multiple heavy machinery on construction zone to construct roads in new simulation game City Road Construction – Highway Builders Pro 2018. Use your architecture knowledge and create construction plan; how to build road on city area and which type of machinery will be used in road builder. Drive your favorite digger machine for digging the surface; where you have to construct the road in builder simulator. After that use blade tractor to clear the mud from the under construction road sites and load them in dumper for truck by using heavy excavator. Enjoy your construction journey by using heavy-duty road machines such as road roller, heavy crane and other construction parts in road builder. Drive your cargo truck that are loaded with road machinery such as dumper trucks, heavy excavator and painter machine in construction games. We will give you a realistic road builder atmosphere with amazing construction cargo. Build roads on various locations and expand your construction company in crane truck.

Using heavy machinery like heavy excavator, crane, road roller and a dumper truck in this City Road Construction – Highway Builders Pro 2018, learn and build your city with excellent fine-tuned construction simulation. This is a fun to construct like a real builder with hydraulic controls that provides an excellent driving view. Know inside story of road construction with the use of heavy machinery. Enjoy heavy machinery simulator to repair and construct new roads. Construct the road with different modern construction machinery. Drive multi road construction vehicles which allow driving heavy duty machinery like road roller which is used for compressing and road excavator and the heavy cranes.

Be part of a mega construction site and perform your duty of driving, parking, loading building material and delivering it to different construction zone points. This amazing, thrilling and driving construction game allows you to operate & drive heavy machinery like big road roller, bulldozer, crane, dumper truck, excavator and many other vehicles. Play City Road Construction – Highway Builders Pro 2018 game & operate gigantic cranes and drive dumper truck. Drill big stones or crush huge rocks using drilling machines. Operate extreme crazy excavator crane to collect debris and roadside garbage into loader truck. Drive a heavy real garbage truck to dispose of trash in uphill countryside ruins. Play role of crane operator or a loader & dump truck driver in this city builder and road builder. Enjoy realistic trucking adventures in construction simulator game.

Handle the steering wheel of different heavy vehicles and learn operating different heavy construction machines like road diggers, wheel loaders, dumper trucks, roller cranes, excavators, tractors, and others big rig. In City Road Construction – Highway Builders Pro 2018, you will be provided heavy machinery such as heavy crane, dumping truck, grader machine, paint machine and other heavy machinery to use in under construction roads. Become a real builder to construct roads, building and also construct car parking zone. Show your best crane driving skills to play this construction world.


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