Bomb Factor

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Bomb Factor


¡Multiplica tus misiles con los bloques de multiplicación y derriba todas las estructuras que encuentres en tu camino!


Bomb Factor
Bomb Factor



Destruye monstruos, edificios, héroes… ¡Cualquier cosa que se interponga en tu camino! ¡Bombardea!

In the immersive world of “Bomb Factor,” players are thrown into high-stakes scenarios where they become bomb disposal experts tasked with diffusing intricate and deadly explosive devices. The game offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that demands a combination of strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and nerves of steel.


The game presents a diverse range of environments, each hosting a unique set of challenges. From bustling city streets to remote locations, players navigate through carefully crafted levels filled with various types of bombs, traps, and obstacles.

The core gameplay revolves around diffusing bombs within a strict time limit, with each bomb presenting its own set of challenges. Some bombs might have multiple layers of defense mechanisms, requiring players to solve intricate puzzles or perform a series of actions within a limited timeframe to prevent detonation.

Players have access to a specialized toolkit equipped with gadgets such as wire cutters, circuit analyzers, and other tools necessary for bomb disposal. Each tool must be used strategically, and players must think quickly to assess the situation and decide the best approach for defusing the bomb safely.

The difficulty gradually ramps up as players progress through levels, introducing more complex bomb designs, intricate puzzles, and challenging environments. Time pressure intensifies, demanding swift decision-making and precise execution to prevent catastrophic explosions.


  1. Varied Bomb Types: The game features a wide array of bombs, each with its own unique mechanisms and challenges, ranging from classic timer-based explosives to motion-triggered devices and remote-controlled bombs.
  2. Immersive Environments: Explore diverse locations, including urban settings, underground bunkers, and exotic locales, each with its own thematic challenges and hazards.
  3. Strategic Decision-Making: Players must analyze each bomb’s structure and choose the most effective approach, balancing speed with caution to prevent detonation.
  4. Progressive Difficulty: The game’s difficulty curve ensures that players face increasingly complex challenges as they advance, keeping them engaged and constantly tested.
  5. Multiplayer Mode: Engage in cooperative multiplayer missions where teams must work together to defuse multiple bombs within a given time frame, emphasizing teamwork and coordination.
  6. Leaderboards and Challenges: Compete with friends and global players on leaderboards, and take on special timed challenges to showcase your bomb disposal expertise.

Visuals and Audio:

The game boasts stunning visuals, with detailed bomb designs, realistic environments, and immersive sound effects that intensify the tension and thrill of the bomb disposal process. The soundtrack dynamically adjusts to the urgency of each situation, enhancing the overall immersive experience.


“Bomb Factor” offers an intense and immersive gameplay experience that challenges players’ problem-solving skills, reflexes, and nerve control in high-pressure situations. With its combination of strategic elements, diverse bomb designs, and immersive environments, it promises an adrenaline-fueled journey for gamers seeking a thrilling and intellectually stimulating adventure.


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