Block Puzzle: Jewel Block

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Block Puzzle: Jewel Block


Block Puzzle: Jewel Block is an excellent block puzzle game with the theme of Jewel.

Helps you practice your logical ability but is also extremely entertaining to refresh your mind after stressful hours of study and work.

Block Puzzle: Jewel Block
Block Puzzle: Jewel Block




With easy gameplay:  Drop blocks in order to create & destroy full lines on the screen both vertically & horizontally.

You need to calculate how to save as many empty cells as possible.

You will lose if the empty cells are no longer enough to hold the block.

Remember to use support in that situation.

Androi Demo

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Block Puzzle, a delightful Unity game that challenges players with a timeless and engaging puzzle experience. This game, built on the robust Unity platform, offers a classic yet refreshing take on the beloved block puzzle genre.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive Gameplay: Block Puzzle delivers a straightforward and intuitive gameplay experience. Players are tasked with arranging colorful blocks to fill complete rows or columns, testing their spatial awareness and strategic thinking.
  2. Endless Challenges: With a wide range of puzzle configurations and difficulty levels, players can enjoy endless challenges that cater to both casual players and puzzle enthusiasts. The game keeps you coming back for more as you strive to improve your skills and solve increasingly complex puzzles.
  3. Sleek Design and Visuals: Block Puzzle boasts a sleek and visually appealing design. The clean interface and vibrant color scheme enhance the overall gaming experience, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for players to enjoy.
  4. Responsive Controls: The game’s responsive controls ensure a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience. Drag and drop blocks with precision, making it easy for players of all ages to pick up and play.
  5. Unity-Powered Performance: Leveraging the power of Unity, the game provides a smooth and immersive performance. Enjoy seamless transitions, fluid animations, and a responsive user interface that enhances the overall gaming experience.
  6. Social Connectivity: Share your achievements and high scores with friends through social media integration. Compete for the top spot on leaderboards, adding a competitive edge to the classic puzzle-solving fun.
  7. Relaxing Soundtrack: Block Puzzle features a soothing soundtrack that complements the gameplay, creating a relaxing atmosphere as players engage with the challenges. The music adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall gaming experience.

Whether you’re a puzzle-solving enthusiast or a casual gamer looking for a relaxing yet stimulating experience, Block Puzzle in Unity delivers a perfect blend of timeless gameplay, sleek design, and endless challenges. Download the game now and embark on a journey of spatial logic and strategic fun!



  • Simple gameplay, accessible to all ages.
  • No time limit.
  • The more combos, the higher the score.
  • A lot of support: Roll block, bomb, clear block.
  • Refresh your mind.
  • Beautiful graphics, Jewel theme.
  • Admob integration


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