Wuggy Kissy Tower Escape – Hero Tower Defense

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SKU f7fdbecba062 Category


To start your endless journey with this Wuggy Tower strategy puzzle casual game. Huggy Wuggy is a bad monster to the world but he always tries to save Kissy Missy‘s family and keep it in the best interests.
The Wuggy Tower Playtime is where you will have to help Huggy and Kissy Missy to escape from the tower. You can control Huggy Wuggy to defeat the enemy, destroy the evil monster, rescue allies, save hostages, build your own castle…
To be the last survivor and save Kissy Missy, you should collect enough points or merge with allies to upgrade Huggy Wuggy’s power and defeat powerful bosses and mighty mystical creatures and complete all the adventurous missions.. Always make sure that Huggy Wuggy is stronger than all enemies and monsters.
Wuggy Tower is not just a basic merging and combining game. So,you have to think before every drag and drop, calculate every move, use your brain to strategize your next action before so many enemies… The further you go, the harder the puzzles will get. You think how far can you go?. HOW TO PLAY ? 1.Move Huggy Wuggy intelligently to level up, get loot, defeat enemies, go as far as you can.
2.Collect more points.
3.Merge a stronger Huggy.
4.Save the Kissy Missy and allies.
5.Reach the top of the tower.
6.Get Golds to upgrade your tower THE FEATURES OF WUGGY TOWER: 1. An escaping kissy missy’s family game.
2. Simple but addictive gameplay.
3. Easy and Smooth control
4. A completely free game
5. High-end graphics, vivid sound and outstanding music
6. A perfect game for every age. Playing Wuggy Tower: Escape Playtime will challenge your puzzle solving and adventuring abilities, one of the all-time best escape games. Dive into a engaging gaming challenge that will give you hours of relaxing gameplay.

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