Wild Camel Racing Simulator

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SKU 20f291346408 Category


Wild Camel Racing Simulator SELLUNITYSOURCECODE Tired and bored of playing traditional horse and other animal racing simulator games? It’s time for you to take up the challenge of racing in desert with your own camel in this amazing and best animal racing simulator game. Handle your own stable and start your career as a racing jockey in the most popular sport of Arabian countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Dubai and UAE. Join this amazing camel racing academy and be a pro camel racer by beating all the tough opponents from around the world in this Real Desert Camel Racing Championship Simulator.

Dog Racing and Horse Racing Games are not as challenging as racing around as a camel rider. Experience the life of camel jockey and show your camel riding skills on the biggest camel racing stage. If you never had any camel ride, then it is your chance to start training for the biggest camel racing championship in the free mode. But be careful like any other camel, your camel can also get a little crazy. Avoid obstacles and hurdles, keep the camel on track and cross the finishing line in the minimum time span to be crowned as the ultimate world champion.

Desert Camel Racing Simulator gives you the feel of a real desert rider in a realistic Arab environment. Boost the speed of your camel by using nitro in this pure Arabian camel race to beat the best jockeys of the world. In this amazing 3D game, you will be required to take up the challenge of controlling and racing with the ships of the desert. Make your name in the international arena by practicing in free mode and winning races in championship mode so that people bet more and more on you as a jockey. Unleash your real camel riding skills and become a fan favorite.

Traditionally betting and racing are known for horses. But in Arab, people only bet on camel racing as they are known as the ships of the desert. So what are you waiting for? Start your career today as a camel jockey as Desert Camel Racing Simulator is a must in your collection of animal, horse and dog racing simulation. Start your racing career in a completely new environment.

Special Features:
• Adrenaline Filled Levels
• Engaging and Addictive Gameplay
• Realistic Controls and Environment
• Amazing 3D Graphics

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