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Make money with Ready to Reskin Mobile Apps! Daily Bonus System, Ads integrated (Banner & Interstitial), Rating Plugin, Shop System, IAP button, in-game currency and a lot more to discover!
Did you know that lately, a lot of studios made worldwide hit games using those kinds of simple but very addictive gameplay? Welcome to the Hyper Casual Games Era!   Do you want to catch this amazing Hyper Casual Games Trend? Then, this template is ideal for you!   !! DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR INITIAL RELEASE !! Features Easily customizable game: You can control gameplay settings very easily 🙂 Facebook SDK Integrated: Acquire High-Quality Users through Facebook Ads. Benefit from cutting-edge facebook Analytics! IAP Button: NO ADS In-App-Purchase integrated Daily Bonus System & SHOP system implemented! More than 15 levels: You can add as many as you want! Admob & Unity Ads Integrated: Banner & Interstitials Simple and addictive gameplay. Made with Unity 2018.3.0f2 (easy to build for Android and iOS …) Support multiple screen sizes. The code is clean and professional Amazing Support Services   New in using Unity 3D? Don’t have professional coding skills?
Don’t worry! ask us anything and we can provide instructions as soon as possible 🙂 Easy to Reskin Template
This template is very easy to Reskin, Reskin it using any them you desire. Excellent Support Services
Support services are provided by our leading development Studio!
We provide you support for issues & bugs throughout your reskinning process after purchase. We also offer reskin services
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