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SKU ed2c344312a6 Category


Feel like Scorpion king with our new animal simulator! Seek for prey, find a mate, make a family, fight with scorpions and other insects and have fun with Scorpion Survival Simulator 3D 2018. This 3D survival game and animal simulator will set you into a realistic simulation of the insect world. Search for prey and fight against other insects and scorpions too in this Scorpion Simulator game.
It’s Winter Season, and too many poisonous reptile beasts are dwelling at this place. But you’re the most dangerous scorpion here, so don’t be scared! Live the life of large desert scorpion, strike other dangerous insects with your poison sting, squeeze with your claws and have fun playing poisonous Scorpion Survival Simulator 2017! Rush into the battlefield and do everything possible to survive! Now you’re scorpion fighter in scorpion simulator for its life against other insects! Check Scorpion Fighting Game right now.
If you like animal or insect simulators, you’d love this game! Live a life of giant scorpion surviving at the hostile wilderness! How to survive? It’s quite simple; you need to search for food, run across plains and forests, struggle with predators, protect your family from aggressive spiders and raise little scorpions up properly! Be careful – aggressive insects, such as bees, beetles, spiders, dragonflies or butterflies are nearby you! Don’t forget to check your scorpion health, energy, water and food indicators to survive! Earn points for successive survival, fights and mission completion! Use earned points to power your characteristics up, buy new abilities and even new skins for your scorpion. Two Different types of modes are available in this animal simulator game.

• Two different modes to play
• Interesting missions and challenges
• Multiple Scorpions to choose
• Amazing 3D graphics
• More than 20 different missions   unity2021

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