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Minimal requirement: • Unity 2020.x • Latest android SDK Save Her is a complete project template that will help you create a tricky and relaxing puzzle game. Each level will present you with a scenario that you will have to use your IQ and wit to solve. Solve the funny challenge correctly and the woman will proceed on You only need change the graphic, advertising ID and publish on Google Play or App Store . The project use Unity new version (2020.x) so your game has highest performance and support all mobile device generation Important informations: 1.To avoid the problems with AppStore and GooglePlay , we strongly recommend to change all graphic in the game . They don’t like many the same games in their store 2. You can use this template ONLY for PUBLISHING your games on mobile stores like GooglePlay, AppStore and etc. Resale of source code is not allowed, even after reskining 3. If you want to create multi reskin project, you must to buy multi license. We only accept single license for one time of reskin version 4. The game is ready to publish but to keep players in game more longer time you need to create new levels 5. All character effects are now made of skeletons. However you can use free software like Unity Animation. We will guide you directly if you are my customer 6. This is a content-oriented game, so to define creating more levels, you need artists to draw more characters. We will guide you step by step to make new good levels Features Game engine description • Casual and easy to play • Smooth gameplay • 28 sub-levels and create more levels easily • All levels are made by Unity Timeline, don’t use code • Multi language (Support English, Frence, Russia, Chinese, Japanese, Korean…) and can add more language • Mobile control (support IOS and Android) • Admob (Banner, Interstital and reward video) • Unity 2020.x Simple guide video to create new level

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