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SKU bf20d98f7297 Category


In this action packed game, you need to prove yourself expert enough in order to control giant champions in this Royal Karate Fighting: Grand Kung Fu Training game. All you need to master is punch, control, super kick, kick, super punch and flip kick. Fight with your fighter enemies cleverly and defeat them to win Kung Fu Fighting Championship. In case of hand to hand fight, the only key to success is to play with mind of the opponent fighter and as quick as possible. In this Royal Karate Fighting: Grand Kung Fu Training, train yourself enough in order to survive in front of your opponents unarmed, so learn enough skills for hand to hand fight, make right use of your punches and kicks, in tough time, expert blocking skills are also needed so master these all skills in training camp before entering in the championship mode. Quickly access your opponent fighter weakness and strength and try to defeat opponent fighter in as minimum time as possible. Use your amazing blocking skills to block all the opponent fighter attacks such as punches, kicks, super kicks and punches as all these skills are part of martial arts. Keep strong eye on your enemy moves and make use of kicks and punches quickly and with accuracy. Take decision timely and in case of opponent fighter attack, block his attack and learn self defense.
Karate is well known martial art which is based on self defense techniques and originated from China and Japan. You have to face toughest fighter opponents in this Royal Karate Fighting: Grand Kung Fu Training action game. Royal Karate Fighting: Grand Kung Fu Training is especially designed for Karate and boxing lovers as it provides huge number of player selection and various Karate skills. It provides extensive training of Kung Fu Karate. Royal Karate Fighting: Grand Kung Fu Training is free to play on android devices and no special access or permissions are needed in order to play this game to become professional karate master. In this Royal Karate Fighting: Grand Kung Fu Training, you will get to know many blocking techniques in order to defend yourself from enemy attacks. The fighter opponents can make use of many attacking techniques which mainly includes muay thai, boxing, kung fu and taekwondo. You need to master each and every skills including self defense in case of enemy attack to win Kung Fu Karate Championship.

Royal Karate Fighting: Grand Kung Fu Training Features:
• Stunning 3d Graphics
• Career and Championship mode
• Toughest opponent fighters
• Huge number of players to select from
• Unlimited challenges and skills to master
• Realistic sound effects with background music
• Great rewards on every win
• Beautiful environment in order to increase fighting passion
• User friendly controls Updated on 26-May-2020

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