Raft Survival Island

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You are all alone on your raft in a deadly ocean. Can you survive in this most strategic and epic island survival game? Lonely survival on a wild island with realistic graphics and deep ocean environment. You are the only survivor of ship crash in the middle of an deep sea. You survived on a lonely island where you are going to to fight for your survival by crafting a raft and by fighting with sharks. You lost everything at deep sea. Hungry and angry sharks are there and one mistake can kill you. Get ready to create an escape story on this island.

Avoid shark attack or even killer whale. The hungry and crazy shark would be lurking around your raft, making your survival mission tough. Use hunting and shooting skills to survive and fight against wild animals and escape from the hunted Island. Utilize your action, fighting skills to escape which you learned in army training school. Survival on the raft is not an easy task. You have to learn crafting and building equipments like axe, hammer, rope and other stuff to create new walls pillars, shelters etc at deep mystery island. Will you plan the mission to fight, escape, survive and to go home from sea completely? Build a raft for survival and mark the best raft sea escape story. Hunt the wild beasts at the lost island!

Escape like a real survival hero. It’s a deadly mission on shores. Survival on this wild jungle is a tough challenge where you need to gather different resources likes woods, stones and ropes to build a raft. In this raft craft game find tools and resources that would help you to escape the underwater sea. Build your own home & hunt underwater whale in sea and other dangerous wild animals that are in hunt of prey. Get food and drinking water or have a drink of coconut water after crafting a strong big raft in this adventure. Make a super hit survival island sea escape story with your crafting & fighter skills. Use hero techniques like swimming, finding cave, ropes for your shelter out of woods and ropes.


• Explore Island and get amazing hunting experiences.
• Craft Raft adventure, Fight with wild animals, find tools and much more.
• Multiple animals like lion, bear, wolf, deer, sheep, shark.
• Realistic environment with cool graphics.
• Beautiful underwater swimming and deep dive animation.
• Interesting challenges available.

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