Police Shooting Chase Offroad

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SKU 960e8ef142a0 Category


DEMO APK: https://mega.nz/file/7MwEDB6S#o-3uJhT7asMrTCW2PBTsu3HJnDyzX06T03bVQQcJhao   Policing shooting Chase off-road is a fast cop chasing 3D game allowing you to experience the most epic chase on road. Race through the traffic and catch the criminals.

The criminals are on the run and you need to catch or shoot them down. You have the most customized car, having a machine gun and missile installed on it and it is fast and a furious ride. Be speedy while you chase!

The drug mafia, land mafia, and terrorists are out there in public places, disturbing the peace of the city. Your mission is to bring peace back by cracking down and enforcing the law.

You must have played many action games but the excitement of this free police shooting game is that you would get a chance of testing driving and shooting skills altogether. Break the traffic rules on city roads and meet the target.

Shoot and kill the enemy! You are the soldier and the commando whom the Police trusts.
So let’s hit the road, drive like a pro and shoot like an American sniper. Immersive gameplay, where you can shoot and earn points.
A lot of pickups on your way chasing the enemies. Beware!! It’s a public place, criminals will be driving through the city, shopping malls, schoolyards, hospitals, and public parking, so make sure you don’t hit any innocent.
This is one of the top best police shooting games. Drive fast and drive at a very high speed while being off-road.
The mission is called “Police Shooting Chase Offroad”. Features Challenging offroad tracks Difficult missions Realistic city environment Cool physics of cars Machine gun and missile attacks Optimized controls Real sound effects Document + APK + Source code 10 Mission(Each mission has multiple levels) 64-Bit Supported Unity 2019.4.28f1 or Above Developer Friendly Code Easy to reskin Very realistic gameplay Smooth controls + User Friendly Awesome and advanced shop based UI High-Quality Graphics

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