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SKU 9ef7e1427da1 Category


+ Total 40 sample levels
+ Total 25 Enemy (Normal Enemy, Smart Enemy and 3 BOSSES)
+ Player with ninja actions (Jump, DoubleJump, Dogge, Throw Dart,…)
+ Animation use sprite sheet image, easy to reskin character
+ Level make with Tilemap
+ Shop System (Buy item, upgrade player, IAP, RemoveAd)
+ Make money with UnityAds/Admob (Show ads on Gameover/Victory, watch rewarded video)
+ Make money with IAP (Buy coins and Remove ad)
+ Work on Mobile and PC
+ Total C#, easy to learn
You can read the tutorial file in the project   Made by Unity 2020.3.15 UPDATE LOGS v1.01 Fixed IAP issues

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