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SKU c8da8e805799 Category


The fresh hit on the stores in the Kids Category Games these days are the Newborn Baby Games with massive amount of downloads. This mini kids game has a lot of potential, you would be able to see a lot of reskins of this game out there on the Google Play Store which proves that this project can be reskinned very easliy into any theme you want. You can think of having a mermaid with the baby or may be a Princess with her baby girl.   This Unity 2D project comes with full detailed documentation which includes the steps on how to change the graphics and UI. Features Straight to the point, let’s speak of the features of this project:   You will play in four different environments: Living Room In the living room you will hear Kids Nursery rhymes. You can scroll the collection of Nursery rhymes on the music player in this New Born Baby Game: ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “London Bridge is Falling Down”, “Old MacDonald had a farm”, and others.    Kitchen Take mommy to the kitchen to prepare tasty smoothie, drag grapes,mangoes and other tasty fruits in to the mixer and prepare healthy fruit juice for mommy.   Clinic Take her to the clinic for examination and consultation, Put on the oxygen mask, check her blood pressure, Use the stethoscope to check heartbeat of little baby girl or baby boy. Treat mommy with different medical tools and give her medicines and pills too. Use ultrasound scanner to see whether it’s a boy or a girl.   Baby Care After some time the mother gives a birth. With that said the game becomes baby care game. You can take care of the baby and feed him or her. The baby sometimes starts crying: give the baby funny stuff toys like cute little monkey or teddy bear to play with. Wipe the tears of newborn baby with a clean tissue and change the diapers to keep the baby clean and happy. Now the little one is hungry; it needs milk from the tiny bottle. And that pretty much sums it up!   Shifting to the technical features of the project: – Made in Unity 2D – can be exported to all stores Unity Supports; – The code is compatible with Unity 5; – Coded in C# Language; – You do not need Unity Pro for this code; – iOS 64 bit compatible; – iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible; – Child-friendly game play; – Smart Rate button; – Sound OFF/ON button; – Wonderful effects and animations; – Free Royality Free Sound and FX; – Changing the features of the project is easy!   Important: Graphics are watermarked Also, the project comes with full documentation. All the tutorials are included.

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