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We had this conversation about the enormous success of the games of this type, right? And every time we said that the Kid Doctor Games, which are so simple in nature and don’t have many features, work as the downloading magnets! Well, guys, we shall just tell you again: this game attracts kids and the parents. It’s a fact!! Why not launching one more game and the project for it, when they are doing so well in the App Stores? “Crazy dentist” project is up! It’s extremely important to keep on children playing the game for a long time, that’s the best formula to rank high on app stores. Multiple characters, different tools, vibrant particle effects and amusing sound, of course.. This game has it all. Also, this game is educational, as well as funny. The purpose of it is to teach children how to treat the teeth and take care of them. Both children and parents love it, and the retention of the game is pretty high! So, this code tends to be a good investment, isn’t it? The game is about treating the teeth of 4 kid characters. All of them have different ailments, so the tools will be different as well. Features Check out the Gameplay Features for each of the characters: Character 1 Use the medical spray to kill germs
Brush the teeth
Clean the mouth cavity with medicine
Remove the chocolate Character 2 Use the injections for killing infections
Pluck the bad tooth
Set up the tooth braces
Wipe saliva with the towel Character 3 Use medical spray to kill the germs
Remove the teeth deposit with dentist cream
Kill the bacteria in the mouth with medical spray
Wipe saliva with the towel Character 4 Clean the teeth properly
Cure the holes in the teeth with the drill machine
Remove the teeth deposit using the dentist cream
Clean the mouth cavity with the medicine And that’s it! Then we are shifting to the features of the project: Made in 3D Unity – can be exported to all stores Unity Supports Coded in C# Language You do not need Unity Pro for this code  iOS 64 bit compatible iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible Child-friendly game play  Facebook Share button Smart Rate button Sound OFF/ON button Amazing game animations and effects All the documentation for the code is provided Easy to change the graphics and theme. Important: Graphics are watermarked The documentation is included with project to ease out the process of reskin.

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