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DEMO APK:   Hunter Assassin is an addicting game of skill where you put your patience and thinking skills to the test in order to successfully assassinate your enemies. In this challenging adventure, you hide in the shadows and level up through increasingly dangerous maps where your enemies lurk at every corner, seeking to snuff you out in a matter of milliseconds. One of the main appeals of Hunter Assassin is that its mechanics and moves are so simple, you’ll be hooked in no time. Guards patrol each room with a specific area of the vision set up, and you’ll need to dodge that space in order to stay alive. If a soldier sees you, they’ll shoot your way and your life points diminish drastically until reaching zero. If you’re killed before assassinating your opponents, it’s back to start for you.

In order to hunt down your prey, you’re going to need to be very quiet. Crouch in the shadows and attack from behind to meet your objective. Each of the levels has a different map that you’ll need to use to your best advantage in order to surpass each level.

In the upper corner of your screen, you can watch your enemies as they’re defeated one by one, as well as the overall number of shooters left. As you level up and kill soldiers, you’ll gain more gems that’ll help you gain improvements. When you have enough diamonds, you can gain better assassins to deploy that is faster and more resilient. Feel the thrill of the chase as you lurk in the shadows to get as far as you can in this addicting adventure.   Document + APK + Source code Non-stop Levels 64-Bit Supported Unity 2019.4.28f1 or Above Developer Friendly Code Easy to reskin Very realistic gameplay Smooth controls + User Friendly Awesome and advanced shop based UI High-Quality Graphics

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