Gorilla Rampage City Smasher Games: City Attack 3D

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SKU 4d1a1502dcd2 Category


“Gorilla Rampage City Smasher Game: City Attack” game where you will join the team of “Wild Mad Ultimate Gorilla” which is fighting for freedom to Smashing city to earn points. Experience the thrill of angry ultimate gorilla rampage attack 3d and rule over the city and smash city in this “Gorilla Games” or City Smasher Rampage game or “King Kong Rampage Games”. Fight for “Gorilla’s” freedom furiously while people attempt to reign you in. In this game you are a Gorilla Rampage City Smasher trying to destroy big city objects ! Live life as real wild gorilla and survive in the wilderness as long as you can with simulating Angry King Kong Rampage. The most realistic and angry “Gorilla Simulator” available on Google Play. Gorilla city smasher Game is a gorilla simulator game that you could never imaging before. In this wild gorilla city smasher control your ultimate gorilla and attack on the citizens and dominate the city to smash city. Search and destroy target around in the city and jungle – you just need to destroy targets to complete level and unlock various Gorilla Rampage to Smash City and Jungle. King Kong Gorilla Rampage always need to fight for surviving. Rampage through the city streets and smash the city and jungle to pieces with “Angry Gorilla Rampage City Smasher Game”.

Explore with your Ultimate Gorilla an entire Rampage City Smasher. Play as a real Gorilla Rampage in an forest, Gorilla City Smasher and get ready for some realistic Gorilla Attack simulator thrill! Attack fast because there is time limit to destroy targets in each level in this gorilla simulator, gorilla games 3d. Run and jump on the targets to destroy them immediately in this Angry Gorilla King Kong Rampage simulator. Super fun animal simulation that we hope you find entertaining with “Gorilla Game”. Rampage road and attack on targets in gorilla rampage game with Ultimate Gorilla in city and Jungle to complete Level. Control your Angry Gorilla Rampage or Wild Mad Kong Rampage and start destruction around the world in “Rampage City Smasher Game” with Angry Mad Gorilla.

Gorilla Rampage City Smasher Game Features:-
20 levels in gorilla rampage in City Smasher Mode.
10 levels in Safari Animal Jungle Mode.
Realistic gorilla rampage city smashing simulations with fantasy 3d crazy city.
Multiple gorillas to choose.
Realistic king kong rampage sound.
Stunning 3D graphics and city environment.   unity 2019 2020 2021

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