Crazy Car Racing : Highway Traffic Driver

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SKU d796d1e41f35 Category


Welcome to a new era of the best offline Car Racing Highway Traffic Driving Game. We hope you will enjoy it once you will play. This game is specially developed for you to have fun in an endless racing game with different Control, camera view, and luxury car to beat the traffic. It’s time to show your skills in different modes by fulfilling your dream. Are you one of that skillet man who wants to leave every car behind in your car by showing your zig zap skills with the help of NOS(Boost-up)? So you have to come here to the right place. Here you can test your skills by playing with different modes and camera angles. Let’s imagined you are alone and feeling bored and want to do something new by sitting there. Here you have an opportunity to remit your boring mode into an enjoyable mode. But How? By long driving which is never enabled. Yes, you can! Here you can transform your thought into real form by DRIVE LUXURIOUS CARS in Free Games with numerous modes. In Crazy Car Racing Highway Traffic Driver, we had developed a different model for your gaming pleasure. In an endless driving game, let’s take part in it and play with your selected mode. We had already opened all modes for your ease. This game will give you an amazing experience by playing multiple modes. There is multiple control that will help you make your game memorable. Along as you can change your camera angle to deal with gameplay in a different way. Multiple camera angles will help you to make a high score by avoiding hitting other opponent vehicles.  Dodge as fast as you can to make a high score otherwise, you will lose. Crazy Car Racing: Highway Traffic Driver Sailent Features Amazing 3d endless racing game Amazing multiple 3d Environment Amazing multiple 3d Camera Angle Amazing multiple vehicles Amazing Multiple Controls(Manual, auto) Amazing Boost up option(NOS) NOS will help you to an extra boost Amazing multiple modes Amazing multiple traffic Amazing multiple traffic lane Move fast to get a High score Unlock other vehicles 3D cool animation Effect Amazing 3D Graphics Amazing offline mode, play without internet Avoid hitting other opponent cars, otherwise, you will lose. Easy to download and free to play This game will fix your steering angle and make you the best champion that can face every situation. Document + APK + Source code Unlimited Drive 64 Bit Supported Unity 2018.4.4f1 or Above Unity + Admob Banner/Interstitial + Rewarded Ads Developer Friendly Easy to reskin Easy to add new levels Very realistic gameplay Smooth controls for playing Awesome and advanced shop based UI High-Quality 3D graphics

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