Angry Rooster Fighting Hero: Farm Chicken Battle

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SKU c21461f8606b Category


ANGRY ROOSTER FIGHTING HERO: FARM CHICKEN BATTLE GAME   have you ever experience one of the wild rooster fighting games with awesome galo fighter simulator 3d action game. You need to fight against enemy cock to kill him with the trained chicken fighting simulator. So, run madly in the farm where there is a match of cocks which are the best fighter enemies in farm rooster fight. You should beat the enemy’s galo in this cock fighter game. In this daily farm animal battle you will be one brave rooster trying to become the leading male fighter of the farm. Be wise and learn how to attack, defend and when to run? It is hard to be the dominant male but do not give up your fight even if every wild chicken goes for the run against you. This galo fighters is a real joy for those who love playing chicken fighting games. We assure you to take into an epic journey of cock fighting in one of the famous chicken fighting simulator game. Feel the wildness of your opponent to hit, not let them hit on your body as you may get a win in seconds, feel the sand under your feet and the temperature rises with the most aggressive fighters of town ring fighting.

You’re the best player and playing this angry rooster fighting hero & farm chicken battle game with your best and top trained fighting chicken of your country. You need to select and play as trained angry chicken with the enemy’s rooster and defeat in the fighting ring. Big farm chicken cock is waiting for the fight to attack him. But your rooster is hero of whole town & has a maximum cockfight power in this chicken action and fighting game. There is a tournament of chicken fighting in village. You have best rooster to fight with the other roaster. The hero chicken is fully animated have jump and attack animation to beat the other roosters. Your mission is to fight for your best famous chicken life with his special mortal combat fighting skills, should be prepared for the deadly fight against enemies. Your kung fu kick fighter has a value in town. You need to boost him when fighting in town competition. Enjoy town chicken fighting in a way that you’ve never actually feel the power in your fists before, hits the hard as you can, get a win and goes to the next round of the tournament of chicken fighting, do not let rooster get in your way.

In this chicken ring fighting game prove yourself as a best of player of the angry rooster fighting hero & farm chicken battle game farm rooster fighting and help your trained country chicken to the fight against the enemy’s angry rooster. Test your attacking skills on enemy fighting rooster and you should beat the enemies’ galo in this angry rooster fighting hero & farm chicken battle game. There is a tournament of rooster fighting in a village farm. You have best chicken to fight with the other countries roaster. Challenge the rooster to a fight and defeat the ferocious wild animal. Control the wild chicken or rooster and fight for survival by chasing, attacking, fighting and killing other wild cocks. Attack and defeat any opponent that comes in your way. Pull off stealth attacks and play strategically to defeat farm animals with higher levels than yours to gain the tournament win. UNITY 2019 2020 2021

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