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SKU ce6e5573fe24 Category


Airplane Race Creator is a complete set for creating races with airplanes, spaceships, flying camels or whatever you want. No code is needed and all is fully customizable.   This asset is designed for PC and URP (Universal Render Pipeline) To easily setup the project in URP a pdf is available on the first post of the forum page -> Link   This version is not compatible with HDRP / Built-in / Mobile / VR.   Complete game demo included During the process of creating the asset, we developed a complete game demo to test the different features. This demo allowed us to test the fun, the robustness of the system and the presence of all the features necessary for a complete game. The demo is included in the asset. Test the demo here: PC Demo link Features Features that you can find in asset: -Complete race system -Airplane controller (keyboard and pad) -Booster cooldown system -Enemy AI -Dogfight system with 5 weapons (machine gun, missiles, mines, shield and repair) -Alternative routes -Solo and Versus modes -3 gameplay modes (Championship, Arcade and Time Trial) -3 difficulty levels -Local Leaderboard -Unlock system: items or tracks unlock as the player progresses -Countdown system -Save system -Ready to use interface -Settings menu: Inputs, graphics quality, sound volume (music,ambiance, sound fx) and languages -Localisation system -Menus transitions   -Airplanes + desert environment 3d models included -Sound fx included (music tracks used in the demo are not included in this asset)   -Complete documentation   Test the demo here: PC Demo link

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